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For our Platinum marketing advisory services, our pricing structure is simple, we bill by the acre. Fees: $2.50 per acre, $1.00 per acre for rice.

To relate our fees to your production, simply divide 2.50 by your yield. (See the example on the right).

You wil find our fees represent a fraction of the marketing risk you typically have to deal with each day, not to mention the entire season.

Minimum per client: $2,000.
Payment schedule: $1,500 due at the beginning of service, thereafter, one payment in July and the balance invoiced in December following the year’s harvest.


Crop Yield/Acre per bu
Cotton 2 bales 1/4 cent/lb
Soybeans 50 bushels 5 cents
Wheat 60 bushels 4 cents
Corn 180 bushels 1 cent
Milo 80 bushels 3 cents
Rice 150 bushels 1 cents